The Dreamtour begins!

Thursday 15th of July was the big day. Bjarni and his herd of fantastic horses left Saltvík to go on the longest trip they ever made; the Dreamtour! 57 days away from home in total. The tour consists of 6 parts in total:
– Part 1: Sprengisandur (9 ridingdays)
– Part 2: Golden Highlights of the South (6 ridingdays)
– Part 3: Valleys and Beaches of the West (6 ridingdays)
– Part 4: Wild Westfjords (12 ridingdays)
– Part 5: Trails of the Vikings (6 ridingdays)
– Part 6: Homecoming (6 ridingdays)

On the first part which started last Thursday, there are 15 guests, 6 riding guides, a cook and a driver. There are 2 guests who will join the full tour together with Bjarni and his horses! Both are from Norway and we will for sure ask them to write at least one blog here for you to tell us about their experiences on this tour.

Pancakes on the way

All riders were excited to be part of such a special tour, the horses seemedhappy to finally stretch their legs a bit, and even the weather joined in this cheerful mood by sending us lots of sunshine.
As the group proceeded to the final destination of the day, they got some special help from the police as well! Just before reaching Godafoss waterfall, the ridingpath goes right along the highway (road nr 1) down the mountain. There is a lot of traffic on that road during summer, and a big herd of horses running downhill along the road might cause some very dangerous situations for both horses and car/truck drivers. Therefore the police came to hold the traffic at safe distance from the horses! Quite an event already on this first day.

The police waiting at the gate before the herd went on the track along the highway

Right now, on day 4 everything is going smoothly, and the group will ride to the oasis of Laugafell today. We are curious about how things will proceed and come back with stories and pictures hopefully soon!

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  1. What a wonderful trip! How I loved riding with you! Now, every day I check the live cams covering the volcano and I think this is a terrific time to be in ICELAND!!

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