Dreamtour III: Valleys and Beaches of the West

Dreamtour Part 3 is finished now and Emely made a real nice photo impression of these 6 days. Please travel along a little!

Eileen, demonstrating the good back rider skill of keeping enough distance between riders and herd to allow the herd to walk single file. The occasional “hop hop” will be needed of course, when the horses at the back of the herd slow down too much, or think grazing is a good idea while travelling.
Crossing a river with a herd of horses in great weather and in beautiful surroundings makes for a great photo opportunity!
When the hot pot gets too hot, find yourself a cold one!
A night ride to remember! In the magical light just after sunset we set off across the beaches of Löngufjörur, laid bare at low tide. An almost otherworldly experience that we will always treasure!
Riding on the ocean floor at low tide in great weather and without the herd for us to keep in check, there were smiles all around as we raced our horses on the never ending flats.
Bjarni and Palli, our Dreamtour dream team! Palli has been guiding us most days of part 3, claiming he’s been using his nose to recognize the trails he rode 30 years ago. That man has a good nose!
Gorgeous icelandic landscape, meet our beautiful herd of horses! This picture perfectly illustrates how the herd travels - one horse after another, in hierarchical order.
Breaking news! Traffic jam in the lava field!” Meeting another group with a herd and needing to pass each other on a narrow path through the lava field is a real life game of Tetris 🙂
After riding by Hítarvatn for an hour, everyone had a crick in their neck from staring at the gorgeous view to the right all the way.
After ascending the mountain, we got a last amazing view of Hítarvatn from above.
Getting up the mountain on a path that left a lot to be desired, we got off the horses and huffed and puffed our way up to 328 meters above sea level on our own feet.
The final day or part 3 was the first dusty one. This river provided a nice hoof wash for the horses, while us humans opted for the hot pot at the end of the ride to get clean instead.
A dancefloor celebration of the wonderful third part of the Dreamtour!

All pictures and text by Emely Nilsson

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