Rocking it in the westfjords

When riding unknown trails, one sometimes comes across some unexpected obstacles, like we did on day 5 of the tour through the Westfjords. After a beautiful ride through a deserted valley past several pretty waterfalls, we came to the mountain/plateau we were supposed to cross and soon found ourselves hiking with our horses over the most immense amount of rocks I’ve ever seen together. Never ever I would have thought horses would be able to climb over rocks like this without breaking their legs. And yet the whole herd of 70 horses did it! Truely amazing and tough creatures! Nothing but respect for them. We did leave many of their (mainly back) shoes behind there though! 

I have no idea how many kms we did over these rocks, but we hiked for about 1,5-2 hours so it must have been some 4-5km. After that we could ‘ride’ again, but for many kms more it was not possible to do anything faster than slow walk, because the rocks were still there. Just a little less tricky (more flat) area. 

This video gives a little impression of how horrible the trail was. Of course I never thought of taking a video on the worst parts. Only managed where it was rather “easy”. At least for me “a rocky ridingpath” has a total different meaning to it now!!

text and video by: Mieke Roelse

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