Riding Iceland Accommodation

Often we get the question of how the accommodation during our ridingtours looks like. Therefore, we would like here to show you some pictures and a short explanation of the possible accommodation.

Roughly, we use 3 different kinds of accommodation; 

  1. Farmhouses
  2. Mountain huts
  3. Guesthouses


The old farmhouse at Saltvík farm is a good example of a farmhouse accommodation. Many of our tours in the north start and/or end with 1 or 2 nights at our farmhouse. The following pictures are from Saltvík farmhouse, where we have 6 bedrooms (4x DBL, 1x TRPL, 1x QUAD) and shared facilities in 2 bathrooms (1 small upstairs, 1 bigger with shower downstairs). We have a big living-/diningroom for the group to use, and a kitchen for our cook to prepare the meals. 

Outside we have 2 hot tubs and a bathhouse with 5 showers.

Mountain hut

On many tours, we will stay 1 or more nights in a mountain hut. There are different kinds of huts, but one very typical hut is the “toblerone” hut. These huts exist typically of 1 space with a table & benches in the middle, and bunk beds on the sides. In those huts we use sleeping bags. Bringing an inflatable or small pillow is advised for those nights!  Mostly the toilet is in a separate small hut outside, and typically there are no showers in the mountain huts. Running cold water is always available, and sometimes hot water as well. 

One riding day away from Saltvík there is a “Toblerone” hut, located in the middle of a hot spring area. We stay in this hut for example during the Diamond Circle tours. 

During the highland tours, you can expect to stay in huts similar to this one.


During the winter tours and the Saltvík Comfort tours, guests will stay in our farm guesthouse at Saltvík farm. This guesthouse is an old constable which was transformed into 6 double rooms and 1 family room with private bathrooms and a kitchen/breakfast room. Only during those tours, it is possible for guests to book a single room for an extra fee (according to availability).