With the new Riding Iceland website came the idea of a weblog. There are so often so many things we would like to share with our riding friends all over the world. Stories of what happens during the tours, little notes about daily life at Saltvík farm or telling some fun facts about the horses in the Riding Iceland herd. But also we‘re thinking about providing some general info about Icelandic horses, or about Iceland / the environment we‘re riding through. Another idea was to start making videoclips to show our (future) guests how things work during our ridingtours (starting a tour, crossing a river, etc). 

All of this we‘d like to share on this blog page. Our idea is to get different people to write the blogs; we at Saltvík farm, temporary (seasonal) staff, riders on a tour. That way we‘re hoping to get some content with something interesting to read or watch for everybody!

Saltvík news

Sumardagurinn fyrsti

Thursday the 20th of April, we celebrated „sumardagurinn fyrsti“; the first day of summer. This day is a national holiday in Iceland, on which we

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