FAQ - Signing up

In general, riders should be comfortable in walk and trot, riding several hours every day. There is no need for being familiar with the tölt of the Icelandic horses. 

We have many different horses, in both personality and power, so for all riders and all riding levels there will be several perfect horses in our herd. 

To decide which tour would be the perfect tour for you, first ask yourself how many hours a day you would be comfortable in the saddle, and what kind of accommodation (sleeping well makes everything much easier!!) you’d be comfortable with. 

In our tour descriptions you’ll find the estimated daily kms and some more info about the accommodation (guesthouse/mountainhut) in that tour. In average: 20km is a short day (about 4 hours). 35-40km is about 6 hours. Of course everything depends on the kind of trails we ride. 40km over rocky paths up and down mountains is different from 40km over flat, perfect tölting trails 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you’d like more info about the type of trails in a certain tour, or when you’re not sure whether or not you are capable of riding your prefered tour with us!

The minimum age for our multiple day ridingtours (except Saltvík Comfort – see below) is 10 years. Please contact us when you would like to join a tour with a child and you’re not sure if the tour is suitable for your child. All children will need to be accompanied by an adult familymember. 

On the Saltvík Comfort tour, younger children are welcome as well. We can customise the riding schedule for the young horselovers easily. Please contact us for more information!

During high season (summer) we usually have no space for non-riding companions in our groups. The big exception to this are our Saltvík Comfort tours, where both very experienced riders and non-riders can join at the same time. We can customize these tours to the wishes of all participants. One person can ride all day, while the other goes for whale watching, sightseeing etc. Or we can combine it all. This tour is perfect as well if the non-riding person would like to try a bit of riding, while not having to pick up the riding speeds of our other multiple day tours. 

In autumn, when riding groups and our guesthouse are often not totally full anymore, it is sometimes possible to bring a non-riding friend to the tour. Just contact us for more information and possibilities.

Signing up is possible through either our booking engine on our website, or by simply sending us an email (info@ridingiceland.is).

Basic info we require for signing up:

  • full name
  • nationality
  • date of birth
  • a little line about riding experience
  • whether or not one has any dietary restrictions/wishes

When you sign up through our booking engine, you can only finalize your booking by paying the 30% deposit to secure your seat. This option is only possible for payment by creditcard. 

When you choose to sign up by email, you can choose whether you’ll pay your deposit by creditcard (we’ll send you a link) or by bank transfer (we’ll send you the bank info). 

Only after payment of the deposit, your seat in the tour you’ve signed up for is secured. 

The final payment (the remaining 70%) is due 6 weeks prior to departure. We’ll send you a request for that.

We calculate the discount always in the final payment as the final payment requests are all sent out by email/personally. The deposit payments often are done through our booking engine, and therefore we keep the deposit payment at 30% of the full tour price. When you have a 10% discount for example on a tour costing 2000, you’ll pay 600 deposit, and your final payment will be 1200.

  • 30% deposit/confirmation payment by booking is non-refundable.
    Paid deposit can be used as a payment on the same tour as booked, or upon agreement on other tours up to 2 years after planned tour.
  • Full payment is requested 6 weeks before the tour starts. Cancellation made 3-6 weeks before the tour starts means 50% of tourprice will be refunded.
  • A cancellation made with less than three weeks notice before the tour starts means full charge will be collected.