FAQ - Travel

We do make facebook groups for every tour. When the participants are active on facebook, this can be a great way to get in contact before the tour. Some participants only use the facebook groups to share pictures afterwards though. So depending on your fellow group members, you might not have “met” your fellow riders until the tour starts.

The first day starts by meeting up at either the domestic airport or the BSI bus station in Reykjavík. You will get an email before the tour starts about where to show up. 

When your tour starts with a flight up north, you will be meeting the rest of your group at Eagle Air domestic airport. You will meet your guide(s) at Húsavík airport in the north, where we’ll pick up the group.  

The departures for both bus and plane are usually early in the morning, between 7 and 9 AM.

!!!! Be aware!!!! Eagle air domestic airport is a different terminal (same airstrip) than the one taxi drivers will take you to if you only name “domestic airport” – so always clearly state you’ll need to go to Eagle Air!

Mostly the arrival time in Reykjavík on the last day of the tour will be mid-afternoon latest. But it has happened several times that domestic flights in the AM were delayed until late afternoon, for example due to weather. Also during the busdrive there might be factors delaying the trip. 

Therefore it is most safe to stay at least 1 more night in Reykjavík before flying back home, and be sure you can catch your flight in time. 

If the flight schedule to your home country is pushing you to fly back the same day, please consider not to schedule your international flight before (early) evening, to be on the safe side.