Autumn Adventure and Horse roundups Laufskálarétt
Autumn Adventure and Horse roundups Laufskálarétt
Autumn Adventure and Horse roundups Laufskálarétt
Autumn Adventure and Horse roundups Laufskálarétt
Autumn Adventure and Horse roundups Laufskálarétt
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Autumn Adventure and Horse roundups - Laufskálarétt

We are Dísa and Mieke, two friends and Icelandic horse professionals, that have put this special trip with RIDING ICELAND together to bring a selected group with us on an adventure with horses in the beautiful north of Iceland this september, 2022.
The mixture of gorgeous trails with herd of horses, beautiful landscape and the most famous Horse-Roundup in Iceland, Laufskálarétt – with all it´s fun atmosphere.. all to be enjoyed with the wonderful, tölting Icelandic horses of course!
We can´t wait to go ourselves… who wants to join us?

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Bus trip at 8am from Reykjavík main bus station to Reynhólar in Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla. Light lunch and a little time for our guests to get comfortable in their rooms. Then we start to get to know the horses under the supervision of Dísa, the riding instructor, who will give tips and help with each horse and Mieke the vet, who knows the horses inside out. This also gives us a great chance to match horses and riders for the next days trek. When everyone have a horse they feel comfortable with, we´ll head out for a ride along the river of Miðfjarðará, over to Hvammstangi village where we might head to the swimming pool before ending the day with dinner at our nearby

Horse treck with a herd, 25 km from Hvammstagi to Nípukot along some lovely
trails. We ride through Heydalur, over to Vesturhópsvatn, then along the Víðidalur river and finally over to Nípukot where we leave the horse and our bus brings us home to our dinner and beds.

Bus back to Nípukot where we saddle up and ride 20km to Þingeyrar. We ride along Borgarvirki to Stóru-Borg and over lake Hóp to Þingeyrar which is one of the most treasured favorite riding trails of Iceland. The horses remain in Þingeyrar but we go to Blönduós where lovely hot tubs await us as well as dinner.

Bus back to Þingeyrar and we ride along Húnavatn and over the big lake to Húnstaðir and continue along the salmon river Laxá á Ásum to Blönduós. We stay again in Blönduós and can enjoy the hot tub and some fun night before early rise the morning of Laufskálarétt.

Bus to Sleitustaðir where we saddle our horses and ride along with many happy riders following the horses down from the mountains to Laufskálarétt. We stay during the Round-up along with the local farmers collecting their horses and participate in the fun atmosphere, singing and partying. After the round up finishes we move a little further up the valley and take a quick look at Hólar, the Equestrian University of Iceland before heading to dinner and possibly a show in the evening.

Bus trip back south to Reykjavík and we land appr. 2-3pm in Reykjavík Bus Center, BSI.
This is the end of our trip, perhaps some of you might fly out that evening.. (there are frequent bus trips to Keflavík airport) – and some might extend their holiday and spend a night or more in Reykjavík