Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
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Autumn Colours - Skrapatungurétt

In some areas of Iceland, horses are set free to the highlands in early summer.
All summer long they wander around free like wild animals. In the autumn farmers gather together, ride up to the mountains and drive all the free horses to roundups where they are sorted per farm and then taken back home to their farms.
We offer this tour as a combination of 4 nice riding days in the northwest part of Iceland and a day where we join the farmers driving a big herd of horses down to the countryside. It´s an unforgettable experience to watch and take part in this annual meeting and see all the young horses run in a big herd together after months of freedom in the mountains!

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We drive up north with a bus to our starting point at farm Reynhólar. ( approx 3 hours drive)
After a short introduction we saddle up and ride in to the highlands where we have a fantastic view to Eiríksjökull glacier in the south and the bay of Hrútafjörður in the North. We ride along lake Grensvatn and enjoy the piece and quiet of the higher grounds before turning back to our base at Reynhólar where we stay over night in small cozy cottages each hosting 2-4 guests.

We saddle up at Reynhólar and ride along river Miðfjarðará on soft river banks and cross Valley Línakradalur towards Víðidalur valley. Then along the riverbanks of Víðidalsá to farm Stóra Ásgeirsá.

Overnight at guesthouse  Húnaver ( 2-4 persons in room )

We ride on the soft riverbanks of Víðidalsá all the way to Lake Hóp wich is one of the largest lakes in Iceland. We ride along the lake to farm Sveinsstaðir where we leave the horses and drive back to our guesthouse at Húnaver.

We start the day with riding with our herd to farm Flaga in Vatnsdalur. Then we join other group of riders towards the starting point of the big day when the farmers collect the horses.

Overnight at Húnaver guesthouse.

This day we join  the farmers collecting the wild horses in valley Laxárdalur Its an amazing experience to watch the young horses run down the valley in a big herd anda s well enjoy the atmosphere with other groups of riders coming for this yearly event in Laxárdalur ! In the evening we celebrate the week with a farewell party at Húnaver.

In the morning we visit the roundups and watch the farmers separating theyr horses.

Then we drive back to Reykjavík where the tour ends at BSI busstation.