Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
Autumn Colours and Horse Roundup Skrapatungurétt
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Autumn Colours - Skrapatungurétt

In some areas of Iceland, horses are set free to the highlands in early summer.
All summer long they wander around free like wild animals. In the autumn farmers gather together, ride up to the mountains and drive all the free horses to roundups where they are sorted per farm and then taken back home to their farms.
We offer this tour as a combination of 4 nice riding days in the northwest part of Iceland and a day where we join the farmers driving a big herd of horses down to the countryside. It´s an unforgettable experience to watch and take part in this annual meeting and see all the young horses run in a big herd together after months of freedom in the mountains!

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We drive with a bus up north where the tour starts at Reynhólar Farm (3 hours drive)
At Reynhólar we meet up with guides and horses and after a short introduction, we saddle up and ride along the river Miðfjarðará towards Gauksmýri farm where the horses stay overnight. Overnight at Sæberg hostel with hot pool aside (20 km).

We ride in to Víðidalur valley along River Víðidalsá to Stóra Ásgeirsá farm
Overnight at Blönduós guesthouse /cottages with hot pools for guests.

Today we follow great trails along the riverbanks of Víðidalsá and at the shores of lake Hóp which is one of the biggest lakes in Iceland.

In the morning we saddle up at Sveinsstaðir farm and ride towards lake Húnavatn which we cross at a passing about 100 meters wide! We go on towards Blönduós village and leave our horses at a nearby farm before heading back to our base at Blönduós.

Now is the big day and highlight of the tour when we gather with farmers and other riders up to Laxárdalur valley where young horses from farmers in the area stay all summer free in the highlands. We watch when the big herd of free horses is driven down the valley and enjoy the company of locals and other visitors who gather this day to experience the thrill of a huge herd of horses running wild and free in nature. The ride ends at the coral Skrapatungurétt where all the young horses will be separated and taken back to their homes around.

In the morning we visit the roundups and watch when the farmers separate the heard and then drive back to Reykjavík where the tour ends at BSI bus station around 16.00