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The beautiful Snæfellsnes Peninsula extends far out into the Atlantic from the west coast. You can find many features of the Icelandic nature in this part of the country. We start our ride from the StóriKalfalækur horse farm and ride into the mountains and through valleys enjoying the rich colors of nature.

Passing through lava fields and along hillsides, we ride down to the shore where we’ll be welcomed by the wide-open stretches of light-colored sand at Löngufjörur beach. The smooth sand offers unforgettable riding and a great opportunity to experience the smooth gait tölt over long distances.

It is also possible to book this tour partially i.e. Days 1-5 – see our tour Beach and Mountain Ride or days 5-8 – see our tour Löngufjörur Beach Ride

Accommodation: Made-up beds in 2-bed rooms

Note: We recommend bringing rubber boots for the beach rides

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Note: days 5-7 we ride on Löngufjörur beach where timings depend on the tide. In some cases, we need to start the ride very early in the morning or we have to wait until the afternoon.

After an afternoon drive from Reykjavik to Stóri-Kálfalækur Farm, where we’ll meet up with the horses and the staff, we’ll have light dinner and prepare for the adventure ahead of us.

After an introduction to the Icelandic horse and its special gaits, we start our ride into the mountains through fertile farmlands. We ride through grasslands and cross rocky grounds at the foot of a mountain range. First stop for horse changing at an old sheep round-up place. 

(approx. 25km or 5h in the saddle)

Today we ride rather slow due to rocky grounds. The ride leads along one of Icelands famous fishing rivers through multi-colored mountains and along breathtaking hillsides and valleys and over a pass. This is the longest day in the saddle although it’s not the longest by distance.

(approx. 28km or 7h in the saddle)

We continue our ride through the mystical volcanic valley enjoying the scenery and local myths of trolls and outlaws. We cross rivers and enjoy great views over the grasslands against picturesque rocks and as far as the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day you can even see the snowcapped Snæfellsjökull glacier at the tip of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Our destination today is a field at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

(approx. 32km or 6h in the saddle)

We start our beach ride on Löngufjörur, the famous horse trail on the seashores of the Snæfellsnes peninsula with the view of majestic Snæfellsjökull Glacier ahead of us. We follow the coast westerly direction on soft ground, splashing water under our horses hooves and with the view of majestic Snæfellsjökull Glacier ahead of us.

(approx. 35km or 5h in the saddle)

We enjoy another day on the beach in the opposite direction, with the sea on the right side. Even if it is the same trail it looks completely different due to different view in front of us and different level of sea water.

Another stunning day at the Atlantic Ocean. The sand turns black as we follow the outline of the Eldborg lava field. The coast is rugged and we ride through vast, spectacular fjords at low tide and cross rivers on the way. Watch out for eagles on the rocks and horses running free in the dunes!

After the ride we bring you back to Reykjavík.