Part IV – Lakes and Rivers of the north
Part IV – Lakes and Rivers of the north
Part IV – Lakes and Rivers of the north
Part IV – Lakes and Rivers of the north
Part IV – Lakes and Rivers of the north
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Lakes and rivers of the North

This part is the same ride as we did as part 4 of Dream Tour 2022 except we ride the circle the other way around! Great trails along riverbanks, beautiful scenery in the countryside, and exciting rivers and lake crossings make this part of the dream tour something to remember!

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The exact itinerary is under construction and will follow later.

Meeting point is at BSI busstation at 8.00 am. We drive to Reynhólar farm (3 hours drive) where our horses are waiting. We ride up to the heathlands of Reynhólar along lake Grensvatn and down a nice riding path along Sveðjustaðaháls back home to Reynhólar. Nice warmup day without the herd.
Overnight at Reynhólar with our horses grazing outside next to our accommodation.

We ride along the riverbanks of Miðfjarðará towards Gauksmýri farm in Línakradalur, then towards Víðidalur, along Víðidalsá to Farm Stóra Ásgeirsá where we leave the horses and drive back to Reynhólar for another night.

We ride along the riverbanks of Víðidalsá and along lake Hóp on excellent soft riding trails. On the way, we must cross the river a couple of times to get to the best tölting trails along the river. We come to Sveinsstaðir Farm in the afternoon where we leave the horses.
Overnight at Hotel Húni with a swimming pool aside.

Today is a day to remember
We ride towards the monastery Þingeyrarklaustur, and enjoy a beach ride over Þingeyrarsandur before crossing lake Hóp at a passing about 2 km wide!
The passing is shallow so we tölt across the water on the sandy bottom which the horses love to step on and are happy to go tölting all the way over the splashing water.
Overnight at Hotel Húni.

We ride from Stóra Borg and visit the old fortress Borgarvirki before we keep on along Vesturhópsvatn, across Línakradalur towards river Miðfjarðará, then along the riverbanks towards Reynhólar where the tour ends.
On the last night, we stay at Sæberg hostel with a hot tub aside and celebrate our journey with a good farewell party in the evening.

After breakfast, we drive with our bus to Reykjavík (3 hours drive). Arrival at BSI busstation at 13.00