The Dreamtour

Tour description

In 2016 Riding Iceland organised one of the biggest riding adventures of all times in Iceland „ Around Vatnajökull“ 1000 km ride with 80 horses and 20 riding companions of different nationalities.  After the tour the idea came up to finish the quest and ride around Iceland with our guests !  

Here we go again !!  Riding Iceland Dream tour 2021  II  

 The Dream tour includes 6 individual riding tours which all have their special highlights representing the contrasts of Icelandic nature. Extreme highland riding experience on Sprengisandur trail across Iceland from north to south, Golden highlights of the south, Gullfoss, Geysir and the national park of Þingvellir. The unforgettable beach rides of Löngufjörur on the peninsula of Snæfellsnes. Climbing the high mountains of Westfjords with it´s fantastic views and clear wilderness. Endless töltrides following historical riding trails of the north in the hoof steps of Vikings and Icelandic travelers of the past.  

Our plan is to run the dream tour regularly in the next years so riders/guests can ride different parts every year and enjoy different sceneries and highlights   

Special offer for old riding friends (All guests that already have finished a Riding Iceland tour in the past years).. 10 % discount from official price and 20 % discount if more than one part is booked per year. 

Join “Riding Iceland Dream Team” and select one or more of the amazing selection of riding tours included in the Dream tour project!!

Detailed information

9 days ride across the highlands, from Saltvík in the north to Þjórsárdalur in the south. We follow an ancient trail crossing rivers and lavasands with glaciers on both sides and breathtaking view anywhere we look. 

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Price for Sprengisandur / Dream tour part I 3290 EUR / 3490 USD

6 days ride in the southern highlands visiting Gullfoss, Geysir and the National park of Þingvellir. We ride in to the valleys of Borgarfjörður following old paths of travelers used since the settlements of Iceland when chieftains from different parts of Iceland gathered at Þingvellir to settle quarrels and fulfill laws at Almannagjá already in the age of settlements.

Price for Golden Highlights of the South /Dream tour part II:  2290 EUR / 2390 USD

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7 days ride in the west with the “Löngufjörur Beaches” as highlights. We ride from the Valleys of Borgarfjörður, along the amazing Löngufjörur and across the Snæfellsnes peninsula enjoying scenery of Breiðafjörður with its endless islands and rich birdlife. 

Price for Valleys and Beaches of the West / Dream tour part III 2290 EUR / 2390 USD

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13 days in the remote mountains of the Westfjords crossing the glacier Drangajökull and enjoying extreme scenery and views from mountaintops and hills of the mighty and peaceful Westfjords! 

Price for Wild Westfjords / Dream tour part IV 4390 EUR / 4490 USD

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This part of the Dream Tour starts at Spágilsstaðir near Búðardalur at the West coast of Iceland. We ride through Haukadalsskarð to Hrutafjörður at the north coast across the heathlands of Miðfjörður and along rivers and valleys of the northwest to lake Hope where we ride the amazing sand “beaches” of Þingeyrarsandur to Blöndudalur and across the hillsides between the valley Svartárdalur and green fields of the farmlands in Skagafjörður close to the middle of the Northern coastline of Iceland. The tour is a 6 day adventure where riders experience the nice riding tracks through the farmlands and heathlands of the area following trails known from the age of the Vikings when the settlers and their ancestors in early centuries of settlements travelled farm to farm with good or bad businesses in mind! We stay overnight on holiday farms in the area and the plan is to do a few sightseeing trips in the evenings visiting some interesting places like the rock formations “Hvítserkur” at Vatnsnes and Borgarvirki – an ancient stronghold. 

Price for Trails of the Vikings / Dream tour part V: 2290 EUR / 2390 USD

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We start our final journey of the Dream tour from the west side of Skagafjörður and ride into Austurdalur , wich is a hidden gem in Icelandic nature. We ride up to higher grounds over Nýjabæjarfjall to find our path back down to Eyjafjörður. We spend a day riding along the River Eyjafjarðará on excellent riding paths and then we cross over to more familiar grounds for all those that have been riding with the Saltvík family before when we come to Goðafoss waterfall and then ride our well known paths across Laxá river and Hvammsheiði home to Saltvík!

Price for Homecoming / Dream tour part VI: 2290 EUR / 2390 USD

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