FAQ - Food

For most allergies and restrictions, this is not a problem. We’ll ask you for this info when you sign up, and when the allergy is an unusual one, we’ll ask you to explain a little better. Before the first ride on the first day, you will meet the cook on your tour. It is always good to discuss special wishes and/or allergies with the cook right then as well, so he/she can make sure to take care of the right meals for you.

Every tour has a cook joining. The cook takes care of preparing dinner and sets the breakfast buffet. Your lunch you’ll make every morning from the breakfast table. We’ll provide lunchboxes and water bottles (and saddle bags to bring your lunch on your horse).

Coffee and hot water for tea will be available at our accommodations. After the rides our cook often treats us with some biscuits or sometimes cake. 

Water is drinkable from the tap in Iceland. We do have syrup for lemonade at the breakfast table, but if you’d like that again in the evening/afternoon; just ask the cook! 

Other drinks and snacks you’ll have to bring/buy yourself. We usually have beer (in cans) and sometimes wine for sale after the ridingday. If you’d like some (other) alcoholic beverages for the evenings after a nice day of riding, it is by far easiest and cheapest to buy them tax free at the airport upon arrival in Iceland.